Hello everyone! Thanks so much by stopping by my site. I absolutely LOVE baking, and enjoy making tasty treats for others to enjoy. I make everything fresh and completely from scratch- and am more than willing to work with you one on one to ensure that your order is done to perfection. I also am committed to using organic ingredients and feel it is so important to be committed to health! Please feel free to look around my site and contact me if you are interested in discussing having a cake or cupcakes made for your next special event. I also have several items available that are Gluten/Dairy/Sugar/Egg free. Everyone loves a taste of heaven- and baked goods fall right into that category! I hope you will let me help make your next special occasion even sweeter.

May 23, 2014

Charming Ranch Romance Styled Shoot

When I was asked a few months back if I would be up for participating in a styled shoot my eyes immediately lit up! A styled shoot??! Beautiful flowers, gorgeous details, a beautiful backdrop, and cake? How could I say no!! This collaboration was SO much fun to help with and Kristina and Katie did a fantastic job coordinating the details. The look they wanted for the cake was the increasingly popular "bare cake" and I was all in. Kristina also wanted a bit of a scalloped frosting on the top and I was happy to oblige. When I got the photos back of the cake I just gasped because everything looked so beautiful to enhance my little cake! Thanks so much for letting me work with you talented gals. I'd love to do this again anytime!

A collaboration with some amazing ladies!
Photographer: Katie Noel Photography
Rentals: Dearly Beloved Vintage Rentals
Florals: Floraculture Designs
Not pictured: Hair by Danielle Ashlee Hair Stylist

Gender reveal party!

I have ALWAYS enjoyed making gender reveal cakes and such. It is just SO fun! I have had the honor of making these a few times now, and THIS time.....the cake was going to be for me....but I didn't have to bake this one :) My hubby and I wanted to be surprised along with our family members, so our cake gal was the only one who knew our big news. I hired the wonderful Karla and Karla's Kakes to make this for us, and wanted to incorporate the colors of either peach or mint depending on whether or not our little was a boy or girl. The amazing Karen at Old Danville Bakery made our onesie sugar cookies and they were presh! In styling our party, I wanted bright pops of both peach and mint green, and had a ton of fun decorating our cupcakes with either bows, mustaches, and the like. Stying dessert tables is my PASSION, and I absolutely thrive off making all the details come together. Here are some of the photos my incredibly talented brother David took for us.

SO! Any guesses for what we're having in July??

......we're having a baby girl :)

January 24, 2014

Elegance and Charm

I cannot help getting extra excited when a couple asks me to style a dessert table for their event. I just really REALLY love that. SOOOO, when my good friends Dilip and Steph asked me to make their wedding cake/cupcakes AS WELL AS style the dessert table, how could I say no?? The wanted a variety of cupcakes- double chocolate, snickerdoodle, and vanilla for the guests, as well as a cutting cake with fondant (did I mention D is obsessed with the stuff??) and lots of cute decor. HAPPY to oblige! This dessert table was one that I loved more than any other table I've styled, as it was right up my alley....Lace/glass vases/wooden birds/dainty pretty flowers/burlap/the works! Oh it was all just so delightful. Sigh. Dilip and Steph couldn't believe that the dessert table was for THEIR wedding- and they were so pleased with the results. Hooray! All the guests really seemed to enjoy the cupcakes as well, so I was one content guest. So delighted for you both D&S! May you continue to set a Godly and great example for others in your marriage.

P.S. In other news....I'm having a baby in July :)
Two lower photos courtesy of Renascent Photography: http://renascentphotography.com/

Swirls and sweet things

I was able to help Rebecca with wedding details quite a few months before her special day- and it is so wonderful to be a part of working with someone on one of the most important events in their life! Love that. I assisted her with wedding specifics along with cake information, and we had a great time discussing color options/themes/and other fun details for her beautiful wedding. For her cake- she wanted blue velvet as one of the tiers!= heck yes! I'd never gone the blue velvet route....and apparently one cannot buy blue food coloring as amply as red and green....so I had to experiment a bit with the gel based food colorings. She also choose chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and a fudge frosting, and a snickerdoodle cake with cream cheese icing. Rebecca wanted the middle tier to be taller than the other two- and I baked an extra layer for that one.....it just wasn't as tall as I was expecting it to be. The color scheme she planned was gorgeous as well- navy and burnt orange- just spectacular color combo really....and she wanted a swirled pattern for the cake. Congratulations dear Rebecca and Andrew! SOOO delighted for you both and you're a gorgeous, sweet, fun loving couple if I ever did see one :)

 **All Photo credit/copyright A Perfect Impression Photography.

November 23, 2013

Smash cake time!

OHHHH my goodness how I enjoyed making this cake....fantastic Ombre....check.....adorable chubby baby.....check.....great setting.....check.....great photographs......check. All items were present for a fantastic photo shoot for baby Knox, and Beatrice McDaniel did an excellent job of capturing the photos. It was such a joy to make this cake for sweet little darling Knox as he celebrated his first birthday....and he sure does enjoy cake....my kind of kid! Here are some of the photos so you can ohhhh and ahhhh yourself. This cake has been pinned on Pinterest quite a few times now.....so I'd be delighted if you'd spread that love!

GAH! Isn't he DARLING?!! I mean....seriously.....could I have asked for a more adorable eater for my cake creation? I think not. Happy baking!

Double the Fun!

I had the AWESOME opportunity in September to make cakes for two sisters who had a DOUBLE WEDDING..... how fantastic is that?! I'm too selfish to have had a double wedding with anyone else....but if there were ever two girls that could pull it off- it's these two. They are some of the most fantastic and sweet girls on the planet, and their grooms are just as kind! I was able to have a cake testing during the summer for the 4 of them and it was a blast! Katie and Christine both picked cakes that had similarities (more variations of the ruffle technique), but were also pretty challenging designs for me....I was nervous about each design....and then of course had to make them at the same time! After several stressful personal breakdowns I think the cakes came together pretty well overall- and the girls/brides as well as their boys/grooms were thrilled with them which is all I needed! Each bride/groom picked a combination of Peanut Butter/Chocolate cake and Chocolate cake with fresh raspberry filling....you see why this double wedding thing worked out?? The wedding ceremonies were held at Redwood Chapel and the Receptions took place at the Aahmes Shrine Event Center in Livermore. Congratulation to both beautiful and wonderful couples! Here are some of the photos :) Photos take by A Perfect Impression in partnership with Breslow Imaging as well as Nan D Photography.

                                                                                                           Not so much!!

 Congratulations to all of you!! Love you guys tons- and hope there's lots of happy baking in your futures!

Vintage chic

There were quite a few weddings ABB was involved with this year....11 to be exact....which is a lot for me considering I work full time at another job and I'm involved with Student Ministries at our church.....it was pretty hectic.....However, I LOVE making cakes/styling dessert table for good friends. This summer one of my very good friends married another good friend from HIGH school.....and two good friends=one happy baker. When Megan first asked me to make the cake she mentioned how much she loved the fondant ruffle technique and showed me a sample....I thought the cake was gorgeous but wasn't sure how to pull it off. Well- come to find out the technique really isn't all that challenging thank goodness! You do need a cake that has already been covered in fondant.....Cut 1/2 -1 inch thick and 6-7 inches long strips of fondant, and start from the bottom of your cake working upwards. Attach each piece with a bit of water and scrunch the pieces to form the ruffle. It takes quite a bit of time, but the end result is worth it! Megan also had a blue dresser to use as the base for the desserts, and Jeannie O'Brien did the amazingly beautiful flowers. Megan's friend Emily baked the cupcakes and they went perfectly with the look of the cake. The photos below were take by A Perfect Impression photography.

Much happiness and joy to you both! It was an honor to be a part of your wedding.